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Make your dream reality reality.

We regularly get the question: „I would like to be a truck driver but do not have the right papers. Can you help me? “ Yes we can. Interim Transport Group offers candidates for driving license C the opportunity to study in an attractive way at an official traffic school.

ITG expects a good motivation, perseverance and a demonstrable ‚drive‘ why you choose a career as a truck driver. We require that you hold license B and that you can submit a Declaration on Behavior (VOG). We also want a complete CV and a reference list.

Get to work:
You will attend a driving school near you. ITG initially assumes the training costs entirely. Instead, you are going to drive for four years for us, with a job guarantee. Do you quit ITG within 2 years? Then you repay the costs for 100%. Quit after two years, you pay half back. When you quit and 4 years, you only pay back a quarter of the costs. That way, you do not have to borrow money in order to get a driver’s license. If you succeed, the ‚real work‘ will start. A driving license is fine, but gaining experience is at least as important. That’s why buddy up with an experienced driver in the first two months to learn the tricks of the business. Once you’ve mastered that, you’re on the steering wheel by yourself.

Also for the driving license CE and Code95, ITG Training offers plenty of opportunities.

Are you looking forward to it? Sign up today!

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